THE Rainy Day RoofING Team

Our Team

The experts

Rainy Day Roofing Founder - Loves Camping - Baseball Enthusiast (dodger fan) - Golf enthusiast, 1 of 300 members at Red - Hill Country Club - 3rd Generation Fanning Family Roofer -

Jeffrey Fanning

CEO/ President

Licensed Pilot - Enjoys Hiking! - Father -

Richard Collins

Director of Operations

Lifelong Fanning Family Friend - Gamer - Cat Dad -

Jeff Kao

Office Manager

Wife & Boy Mom - Baseball fan (Dodgers!!) - Loves the outdoors and going off - roading - Avid concert goer - Bachelor of Science, Health Science with - Concentration in Management from Cal - State San Bernardino -

Samantha Echeveste

Human Resources Manager

Newly married - Loves dogs - Happiest where there are oceans and white sand beaches - Enjoys a good turnaround trip to Vegas - Outgoing & sarcastic - Loves watching shows like Botched & Drug Wars -

Nancy Torassa

Service Manager

Mother of 3 and Grandmother to many - Skilled in woodworking and painting - “Office Momma” - Loves the mountains - Talented cook -

Jeanne Vandale

Administrative Assistant

Bachelors of Science, Business Management from Grand Canyon University - Father to a new pup - Enjoys recreational sporting activities - Avid movie goer - Ancient/Medieval Weaponry Collector -

Elijah Bratton

Sales Specialist

Loves concerts - Passionate Emo Rock Band Enthusiast - Favorite band is A Day to Remember - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Miami - Dolphins fan boy -

Andrew Sanchez

Purchasing Agent / Fleet Manager

Video game enthusiast - Loves basketball and football - Big fan of music of all types - Enjoys dirt bike riding and going to the desert -

Adam Fanning

Purchasing Agent + Permit Specialist

Coined the “Strongest Man at Rainy Day Roofing” - Fitness guru and diehard - Working well over 70 hours a week - In the gym 6/7 days of the week for at least 1 ½ to 2 hours a day - Father and Grandfather -

Cory Magana

General Superintendent

Longest Tenured Employee @Rainy Day Roofing - Classic Car Enthusiast - Loves the River

Jesse Caro


Licensed Roofer - 12+ yrs. Experience - Competitive jiu jitsu athlete - Dog dad of 2 pitbulls - Loves traveling - Loves R&B

Brandon Flores


Responsible for generating several new accounts amongst notable Property Management Companies across CA (The Lewis Companies, JLL, Keystone Property Management. - 15 years of Construction Experience - Leader of soon to be announced Rainy Day Construction. - Father - Boating & Fishing Enthusiast - Trophy Truck Driver + Builder -

Shea Baldwin

Director of Construction

Manages (CVS, Kroger, Freedom Forever, Powur,and Tesla) - Self Proclaimed Best Mullet and Beard Combo west of the Mississippi - Father - Varsity Baseball Coach - Loves a good American steak -

Eddie Tamayo

Sr. Account Executive

Beloved Grandfather and Father - 2nd Generational Fanning Family Roofer - Inspiration behind Rainy Day - Has over 50 + years of roofing and construction experience - Best Golfer @ Rainy Day -

Jim Fanning

Director of Roofing


What people are saying!

Your neighbors love us, and we believe so will you. Checkout what they are saying about their experience with Rainy Day Roofing.

    Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell

    Satisfied Customer

    “Rainy Day has done several small and large projects for my home on Grove Street. They’re always incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust them to work diligently even when I’m away on vacation.”

      Morgan Fraser
      Morgan Fraser

      Satisfied Customer

      “I’ve been hiring Rainy Day since I first moved into my house over 20 years ago. They did my gutters, fixed my drains, and even patched the roof above my bedroom in the rain! There’s nothing Rainy Day can’t do.”

        Derick Waller
        Derick Waller

        Satisfied Customer

        “I had this burglar assembly that always had a problem. Either it was rusted or broken. It was always giving me a headache. I’d hired other contractors in the area, but problems would always come back. Since Rainy Day worked on it last year, it’s been working perfectly. I’m so grateful!”